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Guidelines: wearing and choosing your products

Our choice of lingerie is defined by our style, our body shape, our mood and our desires. However, in addition, here are a few tips to make sure you are wearing your lingerie properly and enhancing your figure under every circumstance... 
Lingerie is the starting point of each day, of each evening, of an emotion, of our appearance.

1. How to adjust your bra


The most important element of comfort is wearing a suitable bra that is well positioned. It must be the correct size for an impeccable fit. 
The bra should lay horizontally the back. Neither too tight, nor too loose. The straps should be well adjusted in order to ensure perfect support and comfort. 
The back band should extend from the underwire and lay parallel to the floor. 
If the back band rides up, the bust will tend to pull downwards and you will no longer feel supported. 
The separator should lie flat against the breastbone and you should not be able to pull it out and away from your body. 
To avoid discomfort from the underwires, they should be positioned around the breast, not on it. 


2. How to choose your smaller cup bra


It is not always easy to find a suitable bra for a "smaller" bust (A and B cups). Yet in truth there are many shapes available that suit these cup sizes. It's all a matter of choice… follow our guide! 
There are several options:


- You would like to increase the volume of your bust:

The push-up bra would be an ideal choice for you. Volume is increased thanks to its construction and the use of padded cups (progressive padding) or removable pads. The push-up is ideal for wearing with plunging necklines and boasting your fuller cleavage!


- You assume your small chest and don't wish to add any volume:

Triangle bras are perfect for you! A soft, fashionable choice that is often found in a lingerie drawer. Triangle bras hug the natural shape of the bust and are very comfortable. 
They are often designed to highlight beautiful fabrics such as lace and worn under a blouse or a top that shows the strap or gives a glimpse of the bra itself. 

3. How to choose a bra with a larger cup


Are you among the women who have a generous bust and who, occasionally, can suffer from back problems? Who cannot easily find lingerie that brings both comfort and elegance without hurtful straps that cut into your shoulders? 
we can offer you a selection of bras that will reconcile you with your lingerie! 
They take into account the special traits of a generous bust by having:

  • A strap width in line with the bust's volume: not too fine as to cut into the shoulder and with elasticity for optimum comfort. Their adjustment is very important; don't forget to tighten them to balance the weight of the bust against your back. 

  • An elastic back meaning the material remains in place whatever your movements and allows for perfect support.

Ways to prevent breast sweat ...

For many of us, warm weather inspires everyday weekend vibes—the sun on our skin, outdoor festivities, or mimosas at brunch. However, rising temps also bring a less-than-savory side effect—perspiration in unwanted places... including our boobs. Yes, breast sweat is a real thing and it’s something that many women experience. Hard to escape, but not impossible to tame, here’s some advice on how to prevent and keep that under-breast sweat in check.


1. Keep it loose 

Wearing loose and breathable clothing is a simple way to stay cool in the hot months. For an office setting, stay cool (and work appropriate) by opting for relaxed or loose-fitting clothing in traditional office silhouettes. Consider it a major plus if you can find your office style in breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, and other sweat-wicking fabrics.

2. Be pro-antiperspirant 

Deodorant protects against body odor while antiperspirant protects against both sweat and odor. It makes sense… if it works for your underarms, applying deodorant under the breast can help to reduce sweat and odor there, too.

3. Go organic  

Few fabrics stand up to sweat and hot weather better than organic bamboo. For a bra that keeps you cool, feel fresh with our light and ultra soft . Thanks to its antimicrobial properties and ultra-breath-ability, this fabric can also help prevent breast sweat and smell. 

4. Get back to black

Though we tend to wear lighter colors in the summer or in the heat, black or dark clothing (when worn strategically) can be your best friend year round. Choose a sleeveless piece or stick with a loose-fitted silhouette to keep your cool in this sweat-camouflaging color.

5. Wipe out!

Baby wipes—they’re not just for babies…they can keep boobs happy, too! Who knew? Stay fresh by throwing a pack of gentle wipes in your bag for an afternoon pick-me-up.

6. Change is good

Changing into a fresh bra helps keep the skin under the breasts dry. Don’t forget to change out of your bra after a workout or a day in the sun to prevent a rash or odor.

7. Choose Cotton

Cotton is our beloved best friend. If going bra free isn’t an option, consider Cotton